National lawyers guild

Occupy Wall Street demonstrators arrested at Duarte Square on December 17, 2011 had their day in court this morning.
"Our savior Jesus Christ would never press charges against his brothers and sisters for walking on land, for steeping into a lot, on soil."
"Under Commissioner Ray Kelly the NYPD has had a free reign to arrest witnesses in violation of New Yorkers' constitutional rights."
Douglas's attorney, Yetta Kurland, tells us, "To suggest that a trained legal observer would find it prudent to throw himself under an incoming motor vehicle is absurd."
It's NYPD scooter vs. National Lawyers Guild observer Rashomon: The NYPD says that the man was faking being run over by a NYPD scooter while others say he was definitely hit by the cop.
Here is disturbing video of a legal observer for the National Lawyers Guild getting run over by an NYPD scooter during this morning's Occupy Wall Street march.
A statement issued by a spokesman for Mayor Bloomberg indicates that the NYPD is on track for mass arrests at Zuccotti Park.
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