National guard

Brigadier General Denise Donnell will take charge of the largest of any state's Air National Guard with six active bases across New York.
Officials in Texas are hoping to check neighborhoods as the waters recede.
Cops say she struck an on-duty National Guardsman when she crashed.
Gov. Cuomo announced an aggressive new anti-terrorism security plan that will greatly increase the amount of cops and National Guard members around NYC.
"The pedestrian was not jaywalking or trying to beat the convoy," says one witness. "I saw the impact clearly."
The FDNY confirms that the victim was transported to Bellevue Hospital and that his injuries were life-threatening.
Today the National Guard made up for yesterday's delays with an overabundance of bottled water, MREs and, in some distribution locations, a variety of donations of supplies, wholesale dry goods, and clothing.
The National Guard will be distributing food and water to those who need it today. Here's where!
"We're cranky, cold, hungry, frustrated, now the trucks are lost? It's crazy!"
Cuomo just announced that the National Guard will be delivering "one million meals and bottled water to New Yorkers" in affected areas like Lower Manhattan, parts of Brooklyn and Queens, including the Rockaways, starting today.
The post-Sandy situation on Staten Island is really serious. 80,000 power customers are in the dark, dead bodies are being discovered, and the National Guard is on the scene.
The sleeping woman who was sexually assaulted on the subway last week has now come forward and filed a complaint. We're told she had no recollection of the incident until she was shown the video.
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