National anthem

"The police have a duty to defend the rights of protesters, not to use such a large-scale display of force that effectively silences people with differing viewpoints."
"We taught them that even if you don't agree with it, or understand it, you must respect authority."
Apparently none of them know the lyrics, so the lead guy whips them out on his smartphone—this doesn't help the backup singers who just try to follow the melody line with pleasant mumbles.
Lady Gaga kicked things off in stirring fashion last night at Pier 26 by singing The Star-Spangled Banner and giving an emotional speech.
Flickr user dfhdez Earlier today the New York Mets held their
The Brooklyn Cyclones have now offered Staten Island native Christina Aguilera
Staten Island native Christina Aguilera is sorry for botching the national
Everyone is talking about Christina Aguilera messing up the lyrics to the
Lizzy Vegas's Flickr The Yankees aren’t the only team cycling through
Photos: AP/David Guttenfelder The New York Philharmonic Orchestra’s historic concert in North
Former mayor Rudy Giuliani was in New Hampshire, making it known
- Rockets 97, Knicks 90: The state of the Knicks is
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