National action network

“There’s no one here who’s saying something so egregious that I had to come in and had to stop somebody, so I decided to put my time in ranked-voting."
Sharpton made the comments shortly after a three-hour mayoral forum at NAN’s Harlem headquarters on Tuesday night.
Among the guests is Robert F. Kennedy, who is suing New York State over vaccine exemptions.
'Just to be clear, I know where my birth certificate is,' he told the crowd.
"Why am I being demonized, denounced and thrown on the cover of a newspaper for not speaking immediately?"
Sharpton and others are urging for a federal investigation into civil rights charges against George Zimmerman.
The Rev. Al Sharpton may be getting a hosting gig on MSNBC... and did you know that he lobbied the FCC, on behalf of MSNBC's parent company, Comcast, to approve its takeover of NBC?
President Obama had a busy schedule yesterday that included campaigning in Philadelphia,
President Obama is going to be speaking at the Rev. Al Sharpton's
Yesterday, the Rev. Al Sharpton kicked of the three-day National Action Network
Saturday's weekly meeting of Reverend Al Sharpton's National Action Network was
Over the weekend, State Senate Democrats met at the Reverend Al
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