Nathans hot dog eating contest

The activists were released without charges being filed against them.
Chestnut set a new record with 72 dogs in 10 minutes.
Joey "Jaws" Chestnut is making the rounds to to let the world that the Nathan's Hot Dog throne belongs to him, so inferior bun swallowers should just abandon hope entirely.
Joey Chestnut somehow stuffed 70 hot dogs and buns into his stomach because America is God's favorite child.
We can practically taste the regurgitated bun!
In the words of one of the eager ESPN commentators, it was "the greatest achievement in the history of man."
America's hero Joey Chestnut SEVENpeated as Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Champion today in Coney Island.
Mayor Bloomberg went out in style this year with his most painfully punny speech ever.
Can Joey Chestnut sevenpeat?
Watch Mayor Bloomberg welcome the "competitive eaters" and shower them with hot dog puns.
A female competitive eater is pissed at the Nathan's Famous judges this year, after they demoted her from fourth to eighth place because of her messy eating habits.
A new video disputes Kobayashi's claim that he ate a world record-breaking 69 dogs from the rooftop of 230 Fifth this weekend.
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