We guess you're going to have to go elsewhere to get your daily dose of maltodextrin, metal fragments and human DNA.
No one's gotten injured or ill from the tainted dogs yet.
Joey Chestnut somehow stuffed 70 hot dogs and buns into his stomach because America is God's favorite child.
See the Coney Island institution from 1916 through today.
We can practically taste the regurgitated bun!
Hot dogs are one of the best food inventions of all time, and this city's got a million of them. Here are the best ones.
But don't worry, Nathan's hopes to be up and running with lots of time to spare for the inevitable Joey Chestnut July 4th hot dog eating sevenpeat.
Why do the fries at Nathan's in Coney Island suddenly taste different?
28-year-old Joey Chestnut once again made us feel like terrible eaters when he ate 68 hot dogs in ten minutes yesterday. But he wasn't the only man to break the 65-dog barrier on Independence Day...
The first competitive hot dog eating contest in China took place over the weekend and the winner has nothing on our eaters.
At last year's competion, only two of the 16 competitors were
Nathan Handwerker and his wife opened their now famous hot dog
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