Nassau county

Nassau County police officials recently blamed people from outside the county to explain racial disparities in policing. But a data analysis by WSHU and WNYC/Gothamist found those disparities persisted independent of where people came from.
Bruce Blakeman is telling schools and businesses to ignore the mandate, but Gov. Kathy Hochul says he doesn't have the authority.
The charges stem from an infraction that, in other parts of New York, amount to a traffic ticket—80% of those arrested were Black and Latino.
Records obtained through freedom-of-information request show the number of Black and Latino officers has hardly budged.
County Executive Laura Curran said the bill could "chill the rights of citizens to peaceably assemble and freely express their views."
Controversial new law gives police and other first responders the ability to sue "harassers."
More than a third of all criminal defendants on Long Island are Black Men but the people prosecuting their cases are overwhelmingly white.
A Long Island resident tested positive with the state's first known case of the coronavirus variant from South Africa.
Nassau County officials had originally blamed the murder of a New Cassel man on the new pre-trial discovery laws.
What will consumers do to save a nickel or two?
Two teenagers were stabbed, one fatally, during a wild Fourth of July party on Long Island, according to local authorities.
An on-duty NYPD detective observed Samuel Jackson, 28, approach the two women from behind and place his phone directly under both of their skirts.
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