"It's a long journey, but a very worthwhile journey to see what should have happened already is finally happening."
A Nigerian record label claims Nas and his agent never followed through on an agreement to provide a rapper a verse for a track, despite getting paid $50,000.
TMZ reports that he passed away in Las Vegas.
The legendary Queens MC has confirmed he's dropping a new record before 2017 is over.
This is for all the kids who grew up dreaming of one day wearing beige jumpsuits.
Wilson says his sessions with Adele, Nas and Dierks Bentley were actually pretty similar.
"Illmatic" hit stores in its finished form two decades ago today. The critical recognition was instant: this was a genre-elevating masterpiece from an improbably young source.
Time is Illmatic was surpassed by what came after the credits rolled: the screen was raised to reveal a stage and the rapper's name in lights.
Nas will also perform 'Illmatic' after the screening.
This week's question comes from two New Yorkers who are having a hard time with newcomers.
A bizarre story involving Nas, Angola, and some very angry concert promoters.
Some 75,000 people from around the world are currently swarming the 8th
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