The men were on the same flight from the Dominican Republic to JFK.
The NYPD's narcotics team announced today that it busted a group of alleged observant Sheepshead Bay drug dealers, a ring that dealt its wares—which included heroin, oxycodone, cocaine and more—in accordance with Shabbat.
Dr. Gibbs also worked part-time at Rikers Island when he wasn't writing false prescriptions.
Dealing drugs is just as illegal in cyberspace as it is IRL, a point the NYPD made abundantly clear in arresting 21 geniuses who used Craigslist and other websites to sell prescription drugs.
Two United Parcel Service drivers and another man were arrested by narcotics police this week when they were caught delivering 30 pounds of marijuana in Brooklyn.
An NYPD officer accidentally shot a woman in the neighboring Brooklyn apartment where a raid was going on early this morning.
Graham's death is still being investigated by the Bronx DA's office, but a source tells the paper that they were "extremely surprised" that Haste wasn't trained in street level narcotics enforcement or plainclothes police work.
Each floor corresponded with a different stage of growth for the plants.
"If people next year knew they'd be tested for drugged driving just like they are tested for drunk driving, it might deter them from doing it to begin with and save lives."
The Bronx native stuffed three pounds of cocaine into two pairs of sneakers on a flight out of Jamaica.
On Thursday, the NYPD allegedly sent out a directive ordering narcotics officers to make no arrests based on drug transactions that they witnessed, unless an undercover officer was present. Not exactly!
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