Naomi campbell

The Cadbury Dairy Milk ad that mentioned Naomi Campbell's diva-like behavior is not considered racist by a British advertising watchdog.
Cadbury apologizes to Naomi Campbell for its diva-y chocolate ad, but the supermodel isn't happy.
Notoriously short-tempered model Naomi Campbell is upset with Cadbury this week, after the candy company ran an ad essentially calling her "chocolate."
Naomi Campbell is keeping her right hook sharp; her latest victim found
Fashion! Rage blackouts are the new black We've theorized since 27-year-old
Miodrag Mejdina, the driver who was slugged by supermodel Naomi Campbell
Naomi and her still married boyfriend Earlier this week Naomi Campbell
The manmodelhunt for Naomi Campbell is over. The 39-year-old allegedly hit
The powers that be should really give Naomi Campbell her own
DOS police lieutenant John Fitzgerald is a 24-year vet who's better known
Alycia Lane, the Philadelphia newswoman who punched a female NYPD police officer,
Before the first model walked down the runway, Naomi Campbell spoke out
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