Nanny state

Mayor Bloomberg has turned his eye toward stricter regulations on tanning salons in what may turn out to be his final health initiative as mayor.
"I have five floors in my house, and I just take the stairs."
Mayor Bloomerg's third term ends in a mere seven months and he's working against the clock to overturn a court order that halted his signature legacy soda ban back in March.
FWIW, adult obesity in Alaska has doubled between 1991 and 2010.
Nanny Bloomberg might have to pry our magnum Mountain Dews from our cold, dead, pudgy hands, but it looks like he's probably doing us a favor.
In which we try to sort through all the muck and rumors and lay out what beverages and stores will and won't be affected by Bloomberg's big soda ban.
Another angered New Yorker compared Bloomberg to... Hitler.
It was an "historic" meeting, as Health Commissioner Thomas Farley put it; one in which the board's integrity seemed to be at stake as much as any huge soda containers.
As expected, the Board of Health has approved a plan to restrict the sale of sugary drinks, voting 8-0 with one abstention.
A majority of NYC voters don't want Mayor Bloomberg to take their big sodas away, not that they have any say in the matter.
With the Health Department set to poll New Yorkers about binge drinking, anything is possible!
Thanks to the NYC Health Department's ban on trans fat, New Yorkers are eating healthier.
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