Nanny bloomberg

Hizzoner has proposed a new menu icon for high sodium content at chain restaurants—but he's bypassed the city council in the process.
Bloomberg tries to get in some more nannying before his term ends.
Mayor Bloomberg has turned his eye toward stricter regulations on tanning salons in what may turn out to be his final health initiative as mayor.
"This is a de facto ban on electronic cigarettes."
"Medical, my foot," the mayor said this morning on his radio show, referring to efforts to legalize medical marijuana. "There's no medical. This is one of the great hoaxes of all time."
If the kids can't see the smokes, they won't want them. Right?
Guess it's time to bring out those prosciutto-wrapped Twix bars!
With the soda ban down for the count, the time has come to figure out what happened, what happens next and who the big losers are.
His remarks will be streamed on
"It is poor people that really get hurt" by obesity, the world's 13th richest person said.
After all, what is Nanny Bloomberg going to do, shut down Starbucks?
You've got until March 21st to ask the city for some free patches and/or gum to help you kick the cancer sticks.
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