Naked cowboy

Times Square is either a hellhole or an oasis, depending on who you are.
"The Naked Cowboy walks around in the exact same clothing as we do and nobody has a problem with it."
You can learn a lot more about the origins of Robert John Burck and Cindy Fox, the humans behind the butts, in the short documentary below.
Photo via CS Muncy's flickr Naked Cowboy is at it again,
Robert Burck, the Naked Cowboy and presidential hopeful, has been arrested...
Photos of Burck from the AP Robert Burck, better known as
Last year the Naked Cowboy dropped out of the Mayoral race,
Photo via's flickr So many legal briefs jokes, so little
Photo: CS Muncy on Flickr Whoa: The Naked Cowboy, the barely-clad
The Naked Cowboy is running for Mayor, so the NY Post
Seriously, this guy? Alright, so this is happening, living tourist attraction Naked
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