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A bare-cheeked peeping Tom is reportedly on the loose, spotted dabbing in local backyards wearing only a wig, a bandanna, and sneakers.

This accurate life-size statue of Donald Trump in Union Square got a lot of love this morning.

It was apparently the first manic episode he experienced.

Officials say a man was arrested for nudity and refusing to comply with officers at the gay beach section of Jacob Riis Park—but he claims his towel had just accidentally dropped for a moment.

There was a very small turnout this year, but at least a few people got into the spirit of things and got down to their birthday suit.

"What they did to her is an affront to all women, especially women of color."

"I like to be naked. It turns me on," Haines said. "I wish I could do it all the time. I would if I could if I wouldn’t get in trouble."

Everything's coming up sneakers this weekend.

An asthmatic grandmother accused of assaulting one of her children was dragged out of her apartment by cops while naked earlier this month.