Najibullah zazi

Along with two co-conspirators, he planned to carry out a rush hour bombing of the subway on the eighth anniversary of the 9/11 terrorist attacks.
According to court documents, the National Security Administration thwarted a 2009 terrorist plot to bomb New York City subways after reading an email sent to an Al-Qaida leader.
"I had nothing to do with any subway plot or bombing plot whatsoever. I ask Allah to release me from prison."
The alleged mastermind of a thwarted plan to blow up several NYC subway trains testified for the second day in the trial of his alleged accomplice yesterday.
The FBI is so unhappy about gabby NYPD cops messing up terror investigations, there's a grand jury looking into leaks!
Should you believe your nephew when he claims the bleach and nail polish remover left in your garage are part of a fertility potion?
The cousin of an admitted terror plotter says his uncle told him and other relatives to destroy evidence.
The Daily News reports that Najibullah Zazi, the former Queens resident
(CBS News) Today, the Justice Department announced that it charged five
Adnan Shukrijumah Counterterrorism officials say that "an elusive and feared senior
Would-be subway bomber Najibullah Zazi had two pounds of explosives in
Yesterday, Zarein Ahmedzay pleaded guilty to conspiracy to use weapons of
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