Nail salons

The "Shots at the Shop" program trains salon owners to field questions from the vaccine-hesitant and schedule clinics in their communities. Organizers say 13,000 clients have been reached in New York and New Jersey alone.
'There's other places to go to where my dollars matter, that are black-owned shops. We don't have to go to them if they treat us like this.'
Over a hundred people turned out to protest the East Flatbush nail salon after a violent altercation there last week.
The fight was allegedly sparked by a bad eyebrow job.
He's received $60,000 in donations from nail salon owners in recent months.
Is the criticism legit? Not really.
"If you want to open your eyes and you want to be honest, it is everywhere in this economy."
Officials are attempting to mitigate the rampant worker abuse that has apparently characterized the nail salon industry for years.
Governor Andrew Cuomo has introduced legislation that will help protect nail salon workers, by both shutting down the industry's most pernicious offenders and by launching a public education campaign to help employees to better understand their rights.
"We will use all available powers to shield nail salon workers from deplorable conditions."
Plaintiffs claim they worked nearly twelve hour days and earned $60 or less for a day's work.
The new task force will conduct investigations of salons across the state, and will work with the state Health Department to come up with new safety measures to protect manicurists.
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