Nail salon

A report from the New York Nail Salon Workers Association estimates 80 percent of all nail salon employees have experienced getting short shrift on their pay.
A 39-year-old man was taken into custody at the scene "without incident," according to police, and is currently hospitalized with a laceration to his arm.
The Brooklyn DA's office says they are still investigating the incident.
One public official faulted the media for making this into a race war.
"A lot of businesses will close, and we will lose a lot of jobs," Councilman Peter Koo predicts.
Women looking for mani-pedis are pissed.
The line at Prosperity Dumpling is a consistently impressive cross-section of the city. The food is pretty good too.
Two crazed Park Slope parents freaked out in an ugly, racially-tinged freakout at a local nail salon yesterday.
Jin Hua Cui A Queens madam has been arrested for allegedly
A robber held up a Queens nail salon on Saturday before
Besides saying that she supports the Beatrice Inn (run by her
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