The state is already fighting a lawsuit that alleges it's violated its own constitution by letting segregation fester.
The group wants to remove a rule from the books that makes it a crime to provide food or water to people waiting in line to vote.
The NAACP's early headquarters was in the Beaux Arts-style building at 70 Fifth Avenue, built in 1912 and immediately renowned as “a haven for radicals and liberals.”
The Greenwich Village building was an early home to the NAACP and the predecessor to what would become the ACLU.
The NAACP says the airline's employees have a pattern of 'troublesome conduct' that black travelers should take into consideration.
"All of us want to know what happened behind closed doors as it relates to the Eric Garner case because we all saw the video and our eyes do not lie."
With the soda ban down for the count, the time has come to figure out what happened, what happens next and who the big losers are.
"The governor needs to say something, and we need to go beyond condemnation verbally," declared City Councilman Charles Barron, who even got Mayor Bloomberg to chime in as he arrived at City Hall.
Remember Mayor Bloomberg's ban on big sodas? The one supposed to kick in on March 12? Well, it is still happening. But it has an interesting new foe.
Mayoral hopeful Christine Quinn has found another place to separate herself from her mentor Mayor Mike: high school exams.
"We’re not here about equal results. We’re here about equal opportunity," Bloomberg said.
The head of the New York NAACP says that if you prefer charter schools, you're basically a slave.
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