Myrtle avenue

For the second time this week, a piece of debris reportedly fell from an elevated subway track and onto a car below, smashing its sunroof.
The shooting occurred a few blocks from the NYPD precinct.
"I said, 'You got [the driver], right?' The cop said, 'Nobody got a good look at him.'"
Ten months, starting as soon as summer 2017.
At least one man's hand was severed.
Let's just take a moment and savor the semi-natural beauty of this dramatic manhole fire that briefly raged outside Maggie Brown classic comfort food restaurant on Myrtle Avenue in Brooklyn last night.
via News12 Yesterday, a pedestrian was fatally hit by a private
via News12 A pedestrian was fatally hit by a sanitation truck
The Department of Buildings continues to investigate what caused a four-story Clinton
Photograph by haesun on Twitter Yesterday's complete collapse of a four-story
Photograph via haesun on Twitter A little before 2 p.m., a
This morning, a home in Rosedale, at 267th Street and 149th Road,
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