Look at that gentle hair flip and perfect, waxed ends of his whiskers.
The event drew a full house of competitors, supportive spectators and plenty of groupies and fetishists.
"We believe that Aereo is pirating our broadcast signal."
While shopping on Black Friday, former Congressman Anthony Weiner took the opportunity to show off the newest addition to his family: his creepy porn mustache.
Djamil Aziz And this is why sporting a "Hitler" mustache is
Viktor Bout in U.S. custody (DEA) Viktor Bout, the Russian national
Flickr user jenadactyl Now that hirsute hipsters reign supreme over old-timey
This won't please notoriously "image-conscious" gubernatorial candidate Steve Levy. Observer reporter
Illustration based on Times Union photo. [UPDATE BELOW] Governor David A.
Yesterday, Governor Paterson joked that his new beard-less look was due
At left, Governor Paterson at the State Fair last week; at
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