Must have

This dessert will take you to another place.
We're told the Broccoli Dogs at Dirt Candy will rock your world.
Last month Kittichai hired a new executive chef, Angus An, who is French-trained, Taiwanese by birth, and grew up in Vancouver. His Nantucket Bay scallop ceviche is outstanding.
New York-based writer Meghan Keneally has been obsessed with the off-the-menu Grand Marnier Shrimp at Chin Chin for most of her life. Here's why.
Is there anything better than fried dough slathered in Nutella and topped off with powdered sugar? No. There is not.
Yesterday we told you where to get mediocre pancakes for free. Today we tell you where to get excellent pancakes for money.
The dainty East Village restaurant The Toucan & The Lion opened last month on East 6th Street, and the Drunken Manilla Clams are very tasty.
Prima's Mille Feuille is to die for.
If you go to Beaumarchais in the Meatpacking District, here's one item you shouldn't miss.
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