The monthlong holiday is a time of fasting, prayer, reflection, and community service as well.
Attorney General Eric Schneiderman announced today that New York State will join a federal lawsuit spearheaded by the ACLU.
A Homeland Security spokesperson also confirmed the immigration ban applied to people from the listed countries who already had green cards and legal U.S. residency.
"Not only can I not visit my parents, but they cannot come here either," said an Iranian architect in NYC on a work visa. "We're basically frozen."
A new report from the Office of the Inspector General finds police often ignore rules governing surveillance of political activity.
"In the current political climate, why would we not feel targeted?"
They have been charged with a hate crime.
"I was dressed like a Muslim. That's why I was attacked.
He allegedly told the victim, "I kill Muslims," and repeatedly punched him in the face.
"I have many, many friends who are Muslim, and they're great people," said Donald Trump.
Start your day with a bracing jolt of xenophobic bloodlust...
Hey, Sudetenland could really use a classy casino!
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