Muslim ban

'I don't think there is much I can do about it. It's all in the hands of President Trump.'
'Wow,' the President of the United States in 2018 tweeted in response to the ruling.
The proclamation places full or partial restrictions on North Korea and Venezuela as well as Chad, Iran, Iraq, Libya, Syria, Somalia and Yemen.
The night before aspects of the ban go back into effect.
This is at odds with what he said in January.
28 people slept outside in the cold rain last night in hopes of raising support for refugees all around the world.
Two hundred people made a big visual statement against president Trump's travel ban orders and anti-Muslim rhetoric.
The show comes just weeks after President Trump signed an executive order banning residents of seven Muslim majority nations from entering the US.
The president "threatens to undermine our constitutionally created judicial system," the group wrote in a statement.
"We remember our history, and we remember that the borders of this country closed to us in 1924 with very catastrophic consequences during the Holocaust."
Protesters repeatedly shouted down Republican Congressman Dan Donovan for his support of President Trump's Muslim ban.
Trump spokesperson Kellyanne Conway was only off by about 370 years.
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