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Incidents are already up 40% relative to the opening months of 2020, a year that recorded the highest number of murder-related shootings in nearly a decade.

Randy Santos is accused of fatally beating four men and attempting to kill two other men.

This year to date, there have been 153 slashing incidents in NYC.

It's been 11 days without a homicide in NYC!

"You have to remember from where they came. They have a gun and a shield, they'll remember how to do it."

Although he's loathe to badmouth a policy he has championed time after time, Bloomberg did admit that stop-and-frisk hasn't been perfect: “It’s worrisome,” the mayor said about the frozen number of shootings.

It was a violent weekend in Queens: In the span of 12 hours, three people were killed in three separate incidents.

bushido photo's flickr The city murder rate in 2010 increased 13

Photograph by hoyachicknyc on Flickr As expected, the NYPD's overall crime

lempkin's flickr Murders have increased 13.2 percent overall this year from