Murder trial

Elliot Morales was convicted today of murder as a hate crime, menacing a police officer and possession of weapon.
The suspect called his transgender ex-lover to the stand to testify on his behalf that he is not homophobic.
But another juror said that the holdout turned into a bully at times.
He may pursue an appeal after the sentencing.
The trial for Renato Seabra, the 22-year-old Portuguese model accused of murdering his older lover, just keeps getting gorier.
Closing arguments will be presented today in the trial of Joel Herrera, the Lower East Side man accused of fatally stabbing Glenn Wright, 20, because he allegedly mistook Wright for someone else.
An alleged member of the Crips is on trial for murder
John Katehis, in his confession The judge overseeing the trial for
2007 image of Michael Lenahan The 911 call made by the
Suspect Keith Phoenix, left; murder victim Jose Sucuzhanay, right Yesterday, after
In 2008, Ivonne Hernandez was arrested after allegedly running down a
Just a little over three weeks after the Imette St. Guillen
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