Murder suicide

The daughter's friend remembered her as a very kind person.
A son was at USC for his sophomore year at the time of the killings.
A 38-year-old woman and 41-year-old man were both found dead with gunshot wounds to their heads.
An aunt called the husband "mentally unstable."
The prosecutor said, "Whenever you see an 8-year-old lying in a bed and she’s dead, we try to find answers right away and we will try to find answers on this one. It’s troubling.”
Police blamed the tragic incident on the couple's deteriorating mental faculties.
He left behind a 5-6 page long suicide note.
The couple had a verbal argument that prompted the wife to report it to the police.
The Times Square Hotel houses low-income and homeless individuals.
The child, who was non-verbal, died from an overdose of prescription medicines, some of which were forced down his throat with a syringe.
Police say there's a link between the man killed by the train and the beheaded woman.
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