Murder rate

Overall crime dropped by two percent from last year.
Still, there have been 13 more murders so far this year than there were at the same time last year.
The murderless streak was the longest since the department began keeping records in 1994.
NYC didn't descend into the bad old days when de Blasio became mayor!
In the first 28 days of the de Blasio administration, the city's seen 28 murders, compared with 21 for the same period last year, a 33% increase!
Last year Brooklyn saw 77 unsolved murders, while Manhattan had 15. Yet the Brooklyn North borough command only has 17 homicide detectives to assist the precinct detectives in solving cases (5 per detective).
As of today, there have been 332 murders this year. There was 419 in 2012.
For the second time in under a year—and possibly the second time in recorded history—New Yorkers managed to go 24 straight hours without shooting, stabbing or slashing each other.
There have been 279 homicides in the city through the end of October, down 23% compared from 364 murders up to this point in 2012.
Zero murders, but six traffic fatalities.
Police Commissioner Ray Kelly has credited NYPD initiatives like Operation Crew Cut and Operation Impact for the murder rate decline.
Councilmembers got a crack at NYPD Commissioner Ray Kelly this morning.
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