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Jagger Freeman was unarmed and outside when police responded to an attempted robbery and fired 44 shots, killing one of their own. Because he acted as the lookout, Freeman was convicted of the officer's murder.

Isaac Argro, 22, is being charged with murder and criminal possession of a weapon.

The deaths of John and Joyce Sheridan are the subject of a new podcast series by WNYC. The state attorney general’s office said it would “follow the evidence wherever it leads.”

Advocates say talk of a homeless problem — without a solution — may fuel the violence.

The killing has not been ruled a hate crime but comes amid an uptick of race-fueled attacks.

The suspect followed the victim into her apartment building, surveillance footage shows.

While prosecutors say that the defendant said she stabbed her husband, defense attorneys say the body camera footage proves only officers used the term "stabbed."

Joseph Sandoval, 23, of Jamaica, Queens faces a murder charge in the death of Sala Miah.

Durst has been sentenced to life in prison for the murder of a friend in California.

Tessa Majors was killed in Morningside Park during a botched mugging.