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"Because she was a Brooklyn native, it's going to have the Brooklyn Bridge in the background," street artist Elle told us.

Watch a mesmerizing 10 minute drone video showing all eight murals in the city—that includes three in Manhattan, two in Brooklyn, one each in the other boroughs.

You can see the suspect throw red paint on the mural, and then awkwardly run away from the scene.

A man reportedly threw red paint on the BLM mural before fleeing the scene.

That includes BLM murals that have gone up in Harlem, Brooklyn, Staten Island and more places.

Donald Trump previously complained about the planned mural on Twitter, calling it a "symbol of hate."

The mural's artist said, '[He's] still the biggest pop star that has ever lived...I believe we are never going to see another pop star like him again. Therefore, we can't just erase him from history.'

'I was so moved by her being sworn in in January. It was such an incredible David & Goliath story... I think she actually embodies the kind of politician that the people who built this country intended.'

'I want to campaign to turn a really horrible, big gray wall in my neighborhood into a mural. How can I get that process started?'