Municipal workers

The mayor’s insistence on in-person work comes amid abnormally high attrition among city workers.
Interviews with 10 current and recently departed employees point to plummeting morale amid an “abnormal” decline in city staffing levels.
The heaps of uncollected trash may be the most visible sign of a small but potent protest against the city’s expanded COVID-19 vaccine mandate for municipal employees.
The underwhelming vaccination rate could provide a stronger case for the city to implement a stricter vaccine mandate as the delta variant continues to surge among the unvaccinated.
About 13,000 city workers have taken their first shots since the plan's announcement in late July, but that's an increase of just four percentage points.
"There is simply no excuse for women to be paid less than men."
"It's becoming increasingly difficult to have a city salary and afford to be in the five boroughs."
This week's question comes from a New Yorker who wonders if working for the city is a smart move.
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