Municipal archives

Explore the archive of videos, which covers 1960 to 1980.
See what your apartment building used to look like!
"What I see is that we have a time on this earth and we don't know when it's going to end."
The Department of Records received a grant and will digitize more photos from their massive archives.
14 photos of the subway system before it supremely disappointed you.
Click through for a look at what Clinton Street looked like before it was congested with brunch lines, and more...
The photos are grisly, and we MEAN grisly: some are 100% NSFW.
Click through for a look at twenty-one old establishments that New Yorkers used to dine at.
Thanks to the NYC Municipal Archives, we get to look back at all of New York's neighborhoods in "the good ol' days"—here's a look back at Williamsburg.
Through September 4th, Eugene de Salignac's photographs will be shown at the
No question about it, New Yorkers like to bitch. Bemoaning Gotham's
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