He also intends to sue the police for up to $1 million.
She yelled to reporters, "No press is allowed in here!"
Wyckoff police say that Margaux Tocci invited her ex-boyfriend to go for a ride in her new car—only for him to get beaten by two men with a baseball bat and pipe.
A Connecticut man was arrested after he allegedly broke into a house, smashed statues and tables, and told the homeowners he was sent by God. And he really puts the mugging into mugshot!
Left, Hevesi's 2006 no-jail felony mugshot; right, Hevesi 2011 NY State
David Davis The mugshot of Connecticut resident David Davis, sporting a
David Davis David Davis, 20, of New Haven has been arrested
Jared Lee Loughner's mugshot The suspect in the Saturday shooting of
The U.S. Marshal's Service released Times Square terror suspect Faisal Shahzad,
At left, Kerik's 2006 mugshot; at right, his 2009 mugshot Former
Plaxico Burress, former Giants star and accidental self-shooter, is now an
Yesterday, Newsday reported that a 25-year-old woman was arrested for after
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