Mta budget

On Thursday, MTA Chairman Pat Foye made a plea to the federal government for another $3.9 billion to keep the system running for the rest of the year.
In the past three years the MTA's expenses have exceeded revenue.
Larry Schwartz, Governor Andrew Cuomo’s appointee to the board and his former chief of staff, has revealed that he plans to introduce a third option that the public has not yet seen.
'What we have here is an operation that can’t last.'
An effort to shore up public transit s suffering because fewer people are taking cabs.
You ready to spend more money on your commute? Because the MTA is ready to ask you to.
The MTA approved a $12.6 billion budget yesterday with a $68 million deficit. Which is part of why it again voted not to spend $20 million to restore some previously cut services.
Bah humbug. In a 7-2 vote yesterday the MTA finance committee voted yesterday not to restore services cut last year. "It would just be suicidal," explained the acting chairman and head of the finance committee.
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