This was the first full-capacity show at any New York arena since March 2020.
“We’ve been waiting for this day for over a year,” said Dave Grohl. “And Madison Square Garden is going to feel that HARD."
"I'm being harassed by James Dolan. I don't know why."
"We thank the court for its ruling. This was an incident that no one was happy about. Maybe now there can be peace between us."
MSG paid Dolan $75.6 million over the last three fiscal years. 'By comparison, MSG's peer companies paid their CEOs an average of $17 million for the same three-year period.'
'You know what? Enjoy watching them on TV.'
Bring more Swedish dance pop to the subway system.
Scott's 'ASTROWORLD' tour stopped by NYC this week for two shows made up of the most impressive hip hop pageantry this side of Drake's flying Ferrari.
The permit that allows Madison Square Garden to occupy prime real estate above Penn Station is set to expire in five years.
Paul Simon, a man who really puts the 'roll' in rock 'n' roll, rolled gently into Madison Square Garden last night for the first of three NYC shows this week.
Even before today's alarming news about her health, plans have already been put in place to pay tribute to The Queen Of Soul at Madison Square Garden this fall.
Well JD and the Straight Shot are back with a 'powerful and timely single' about how Dolan is feeling guilty that he didn't stop his former friend Harvey Weinstein from sexually assaulting and terrorizing hundreds of women.
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