Movie theater

Movie theater owners suddenly received approval to seek beer and wine licenses Wednesday.
Alamo's founder says the 14-screen location in the Financial District is made up of smaller theaters designed to accommodate more independent films and documentaries.
The 600-seat theater opened in 1917.
There are seven theaters and a full-service, in-seat food and booze program.
The theater will open its doors on December 19th.
The Upper East Side gets six screens with in-seat dining service, plenty of booze, and no one under 21 allowed after 6 p.m.
A group of masked men reportedly hit another car, forcing its driver and his girlfriend out of the vehicle before the shooting.
Six years after they first announced a Manhattan location, Alamo is breaking ground... just not at the location they originally intended.
There's a history of rat sightings at the theater documented on Yelp and Twitter.
According to reports from multiple moviegoers, bed bugs are back, again, at the AMC Empire 25 multiplex in Times Square.
The long-anticipated seven screen dinner-and-a-movie multiplex will open this weekend in Downtown Brooklyn.
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