Mount vernon

The announcement follows a year-long Gothamist/WNYC series investigating allegations of police corruption and brutality in the small, majority-Black Westchester County city.
The announcement follows a year-long Gothamist investigation into corruption allegations inside the Mount Vernon Police Department.
DA Mimi Rocah hopes this week’s new hires will encourage members of the public to bring abuse and corruption allegations to her office.
For years, a tactical police unit in Mount Vernon, New York, reigned with impunity—protecting drug dealers, planting evidence, brutalizing citizens. That is, until one of its own spoke out.
This is part of an ongoing series on police corruption allegations in Mount Vernon, New York, based on hours of secret recordings obtained exclusively by Gothamist/WNYC.
“They need a full investigation to disinfect that rat hole of a police department. How many people gotta die before you guys do something?”
The moves follow the release of secret recordings made by a police whistleblower and strip searches that may have violated department rules.
“I know he depends on Mount Vernon as a strong Democratic voting bloc, but other than that he has never come through on any request for anything when it came to investigating governmental or police corruption.”
The brutality allegations are the latest in a string of police scandals that have sparked outrage in the city, which is one of Westchester County’s few majority Black enclaves.
"I am confident that the City of Mount Vernon’s innovative and progressive approach to police reform will hopefully bring forth positive change."
District Attorney Anthony Scarpino, who was elected in 2016, lost last month's Democratic primary.
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