The motorcyclists were celebrating the club's 50th anniversary and raising money for a 13-year-old battling brain cancer.
The lawyer for the motorcycle beatdown victim has released graphic new video showing the motorcyclists dragging him out of his car and stomping on him in the street.
Last week, thousands of motorcyclists rode throughout NYC as part of a 9/11 memorial ride.
Four days after a Washington Heights resident published video of dirt bikers and ATV riders doing stunts outside a funeral home on upper Broadway, the NYPD is seeking the public for help in tracking down the individuals involved.
"The police usually show up long after everyone has left, and leave shortly after without making any report, since that helps keep crime statistics low, and there is no possible retribution for their inaction."
Two of the motorcyclists are speaking out now, and both say they were in the wrong place at the wrong time and had nothing to do with the beatdown.
11 motorcyclists, including one undercover police officer, have been charged and indicted for the incident—and all but one of them are facing gang assault charges and decades in prison.
"You're going to hear that a water bottle was tossed out the car and might have provoked some of the anger from the motorcyclists, but he had nothing to do that," the motorcyclist's layer said.
He only came forward on Friday, nearly two weeks after SUV driver Alexian Lien was beaten by motorcyclists on the West Side Highway.
A seventh motorcyclist has been charged for his involvement in the incident in which a group of motorcyclists chased and beat a terrified SUV driver last month.
28-year-old Matthew Rodriguez is a five-year veteran assigned to the IAB's command center; he didn't admit to being part of the ride until a few days ago.
The footage was purportedly recorded by the same motorcyclist who uploaded video of the SUV attack, in which the motorcyclists can be seen repeatedly breaking the law and getting into an altercation with a driver.
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