Christopher Cruz will be sentenced to four months in jail and 5 months probation.
13 down, untold thousands to go!
Footage shows the off-duty cop beating a window on the Range Rover.
"Take them out," says one retired NYPD sergeant. "Whatever you have to do. Figure it out later."
Gov. Andrew Cuomo and Billy Joel led a procession of FDNY members for a 9/11 memorial motorcycle ride to Ground Zero this morning.
Thankfully, there are some brave Jewish people out there who don't let an aversion to pig products stand in the way of getting on a hog.
Witnesses said that the motorcyclist was attempting to make a U-turn at the intersection to get out from behind the bus, when the cab struck him.
While losing seven already-stolen luxury motorcycles is certainly embarrassing, at least the NYPD didn't lose more officer's guns?
Brown's home was two blocks from the accident, and he had just left his shift at The Doe Fund to attend a memorial for a friend who was killed on his motorcycle a year ago.
34-year-old Adam Greenberg pled guilty in exchange for the sentence, which was light because police in an impound lot destroyed his car before his defense team could analyze the vehicle for mechanical issues.
48-year-old Nelson Perez was exiting a curve east of Montague Street in Brooklyn at around 12:48 a.m. when his 2001 Yamaha motorcycle careened over the center lane
First responders with the FDNY and NYPD say the motorcycle rider pinned under a car after an accident in Brooklyn yesterday morning died from injuries sustained during the crash.
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