We gather here today to salute a Brooklyn man who faked his own kidnapping in truly incompetent fashion in order to avoid explaining to his girlfriend why he disappeared for two weeks.
Are you as sick of this crap as we are?
Christie laid the blame squarely at Speaker of the House John Boehner's feet, claiming that the House leader wouldn't even return his calls.
The term "Chained C.P.I." was designed to be too terrible for regular people to actually think about for more than five minutes before wanting to bash their heads in with a hammer.
Grab some tissues, the multimillionaire got his feelings hurt.
If only there was a God to smite these people, and smite them good.
Queens Congressman Gary Ackerman is demanding that Florida Republican and Tea Party Patriot Rep. Allen West apologize for comparing the Democratic Party to Nazis.
Despite two baseball stadium fatalities this season, another fan reaching for a ball tumbled over the railing reaching for a ball during a game. Here's video.
One moron attacked a Sikh MTA employee on a train on Memorial Day: "He was saying, 'You are the brother of Osama.' I said, 'I am not Osama. I have nothing to do with him!'"
The Crime Syndicate Of America! Four NYC men were arrested after
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