"I want my son to know what I do matters, and what all these people do matters."
Police were called to a Brooklyn funeral home on Wednesday after neighbors discovered dozens of corpses, oozing fluids and a gruesome stench, stacked inside a U-Haul and tractor trailer on the street.
“In the middle of the pandemic, I don’t understand why they just don’t open it 24/7. I’m basically working around the clock. I don’t see why they don’t.”
One Queens funeral home is seeing 60 percent rise in the number of grieving clients.
For more than 150 years, local hospitals have been free to claim a body for science so long as it hasn't been identified by next of kin in a matter of days.
You know what really ties a room together? A morgue refrigerator.
This is really creepy, and extremely disturbing... but sadly, not that
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