Moondance diner

The old girl, which has had cameos in everything from Spider-Man to Friends, can be yours now for the low, low price of $300,000.
The summer of 2007 saw the Moondance Diner get uprooted from
Photograph of the Cheyenne's exterior at night by Goggla on Flickr
We haven't checked in with the somewhat recently relocated Moondance Diner since
Last we checked, The Moondance Diner was going to live out
After a few days of delays, Vincent and Cheryl Pierce were
The Moondance Diner shut its doors at the end of June at
The last free-standing diner in Manhattan is closing tomorrow night after 70
In the crossroads of the "Can't Beat 'Em, So Join 'Em"
This sort of makes us feel better about the mistakes Gothamist makes
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