It was actually a combination Frost Moon-Beaver Moon-Partial Lunar Eclipse with a reddish-brown Blood Moon glow to it, if we're being exact.
Consider this a Fully Frosted Beaver Moon Lunar Eclipse With A (Partial) Blood Moon Glow.
An alternative name for this moon is the Full Sap Moon, because this is also the time of year "when the sap of sugar maples starts to flow."
You haven't really lived until you've seen a [extremely metal voice] super blood wolf lunar moon with your own two eyes.
The November supermoon is also the brightest one since 1948, and won't be this bright until 2034.
The best time to see the moon is at 12:23 a.m. tonight.
When a lunar perigee meets a lunar eclipse.
There will be an ultra-rare Supermoon lunar eclipse visible tomorrow night.
It was supposedly the brightest one yet this year!
The moon will become full as of 2:09 p.m. ET Sunday, but don't worry about that pesky sun blocking your view—it will continue looking bright and full through Sunday evening into Monday early morning.
Last night was the first of the summer's supermoons. And, boy, was it pretty.
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