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The bloated animal spotted on the East River's shore this week was not a giant rat, or a pig... it was a small dog.

The latest "Montauk Monster" has washed up on the shore of the East River in Manhattan.

A spokesman for Dads Who Use Monster Folklore For Efficient Parenting tells us that the photo is probably one of his brethren furthering the cause.

The Montauk Monster reared its deteriorating head way before the official

The Hipster Grifter departs and the Montauk Monster returns! It's the

Remember before all this financial crisis hullabaloo, we were all worried about

This week marked the fifth anniversary of the 2003 Blackout. Ten years

Newsday and Gawker, the first sources to publish the two original photos

The Montauk Monster has parlayed his bloated, dead body into a goldmine!

The Montauk Monster is still in the news (and on the Colbert