The 7:04 a.m. train bound for Jamaica was the first westbound train to leave Montauk this morning. However, travelers should still expect delays.
Not only can you watch the movie on the beach, but you'll be in a bed while you watch it.
"We don't need that kind of publicity. We're trying to bring families to Montauk."
The only thing worse than being in Montauk on a summer weekend is getting to Montauk on a summer weekend.
Perhaps this will curtail some of the drunk bro antics that have plagued Montauk.
"We're very unhappy with the way things have turned out in Montauk. It has changed from a middle-class resort town to a party town."
Uber suspended service there in June.
It's unpleasant to have to step over a pair of drunk intertwined bodies while taking the trash out on a Sunday morning.
The Lower East Side's "off season" is not without consequences.
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