The 22-year-old monkey was being kept without a permit.
Despite this photo, we're pretty sure the newborn was not kidnapped nor is it being held hostage by these two older monkeys.
A lot of New Yorkers are suffering from Banksy withdrawal, but a few people have channeled that energy into creating some neat tributes to NYC's favorite tourist.
Your Subway Shark doesn't seem so special now, does it.
Monkey business for real.
The animal rights group will be protesting outside of NBC tomorrow.
The "restorer" insists, "I had a four-room exhibition - I sold 40 paintings."
Way back in 2008, ProPublica reporter Michael Grabell submitted a public records request for filed complaints made against the TSA. But it seems like agents got pretty busy, because the files were released this week.
Bongo the stuffed monkey is still missing! New Yorkers offer condolences, and threats.
Save Bongo! A stuffed monkey has gone missing in Park Slope, have you seen it?
Portrait artist Allen Hirsch has reportedly been in South America for
Parvin Hajihossini After biting Queens woman Parvin Hajihossini in the face
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