Wayō is the fifth NYC Momofuku property in a row to open in a corporate mall, but Chef Sam Kang's terrific menu of big-flavored bar food makes it worth a trip.
"It's not like I needed another reason to dislike Trump," Chang said on Twitter.
It'll be a sit-down concept like those in his Momofuku fleet.
The overall goal is to divert 75% of solid waste from landfills by 2030, thereby reducing greenhouses gas emissions.
Because if you haven't had your flavors approved by an Ivy League institution, how do you know if you are on track to make the next chicken nugget, right?
If you're not busy waiting in line for gas or transportation, consider spending your time (and cash) to help out victims of the storm: Fundraisers are already underway across the city.
If you've been dying to try fried chicken based on recipes from Momofuku's David Chang and the Roots' Questlove, well, your chance is almost here!
Can Carroll Gardens handle the coming crack (pie) epidemic?
The haute cocktails keep coming to the East Village. Enter the latest: the Momofuku crew's new cocktail lounge behind Ssäm Bar, Booker and Dax. And it is all very science-y. Liquid nitrogen-cooled glasses anyone?
Prepare to drool: A photo tour of the sweets for sale at the new location of Momofuku Milk Bar on the Upper West Side.
Outspoken chef/empire builder David Chang is taking his career in a new direction: the fashion world.
Upper West Siders, prepare for your sugar rush!
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