'The message to abusers is loud and clear. There is no place for you to hide in the state of New York any longer,' said State Senator Alessandra Biaggi.
At the end of the massage, the lawsuit states that the masseuse leaned over and whispered in the woman's ear, "I hope you enjoyed that."
The victim was the daughter of one of Sabbagh's family friends.
He was arrested on sexual abuse charges in June.
He allegedly put his hand down his female seatmate's blouse, touched her breast, and tried to put his hand down her pants.
A Manhattan preschool intern has been accused of sexually abusing 13 children over the course of one week.
The suspect allegedly told the young girl to stand in a bathtub, cut off her clothes and underwear, and rubbed the meat on her "intimate parts."
One Hasidic man's quest for justice on behalf of victims of sexual abuse has nearly brought him to ruin.
Espada explains that almost being molested was a factor in his corruption.
Malik told investigators that the teens, all between 13-16, tried to seduce him: one police source told the News his comments "were self-serving. In other words, they were coming on to him."
Malik's wife, Rachel, told the News: "This is vicious gossip...He’s a good man. I don’t know what to say. I hope it’s not true."
A convicted child molester got a plea deal of two years, ensuring he'll be back on the streets in two months—this was after he professed his love to one of his victims in court.
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