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As New York City faces more frequent intense storms, are we better prepared to fight off mold? Experts say yes, sort of, pointing to recent changes to the law and better awareness among homeowners.

Mold, bacteria, asbestos and shaky foundations are just a few of post-Ida plagues threatening New Yorkers.

Officials found mold behind a maternity ward sink wall, but repeated air tests have come back clean.

"Our families and communities cannot wait," the Public Advocate said.

NYCHA must remove mold from afflicted units in 15 days or less, and has to maintain these response times 95% of the time for at least three years. Previously NYCHA took months or even years to remove mold.

Mold contamination in the yogurt led to severe stomach cramps, diarrhea and other equally appetizing symptoms.

Nearly one-fifth of Rockaways residents are not living in their homes, one-third are without heat.

"We're just nowhere near being close to finishing the task in the Rockaways."

At least 12,000 people in the New York City area are living in unheated, Sandy-damaged homes, despite the respiratory and cardiovascular risks associated with doing so.

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