A widely-suspected ingredient might not be at fault, and the vaccine reactions might be partially due to anxiousness and other psychological factors.
This setback arose just as community leaders were looking forward to expanding vaccine outreach during the holy holiday.
Viral panic over so-called breakthrough infections offers a great lesson in number literacy.
Many may be lost in the maze of sign-up websites and feel their patience tested. Take some slow, deep breaths and check out these tips.
Vaccine campaigns were already unrolling unequally, so Johnson & Johnson’s candidate raises some tricky ethical questions for the coming months.
The state said 29% of New York City's ICU beds are being used.
The first shipment of vaccines is arriving here in less than two weeks.
The state is expecting additional allocations of the Pfizer vaccine, as well as the Moderna vaccine, later in the month or in early January as well.
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