Modern art

The mayor said it'd be a great piece for a medical building, not a mansion.
P.F.1 (Public Farm One), 2008. WORKac. Photo: Elizabeth Felicella. Courtesy P.S.1
Long before Big Bird and Fraggle Rock, Jim Henson was dabbling in
Books, or at least book shelves, must be on this couple's wedding
Today, all over the city, ordinary parking spaces will be transformed
The Smart car has arrived in the States, and measuring at 8
The NY Times explores what happens to celebrity architects’ drawings, models
Jeremy Blake, an artist whose works have been shown at the Whitney
We've got a few pairs of passes to give away to the
Sol LeWitt, geometrically-inspired sculptor and artist, leader in modern American art,
They don't make "downtown It girls" like Edie Sedgwick any more, which
Don't you just love that feeling of "discovering" a new artist that
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